Content So Good, It’s Banned

I’ve written for hundreds of websites since 2008 with a heavy focus in the gambling industry.

Jack of Most Trades

I’ve made a name for myself by taking on most any task thrown my way. Content is content, and I’m happy to discuss your needs.

News Updates

Daily or weekly content to keep your sites active and visitors informed on your industry.

Game and Casino Reviews

Need a game or online casino reviewed? Just point me to the game or casino and I’ll get started.

General Profiles

Need general content on games, providers, or anything else? I’m your guy.

Content Refreshing

Is your content stuck in 2010? Let me take a look and bring it up to date.

Content Rewriting

Have multiple websites covering the same content? I can make each page unique.

Reliable Content On Time

I provide solid content that meets your deadlines.

Written by a Person – Not AI

Tired of content that’s clearly written by AI, or someone that clearly doesn’t understand the topic? Hire me to get the job done.

“Plain and simple, the man can write about anything in the poker world, from factual or analytical pieces about new legislation to op-eds about new happenings, events, personalities, and developments in poker to lighter, funnier, fare about social media spats that tend to flare up among the game’s more notable names.”

Robbie Strazynski

Founder, Cardplayer Lifestyle

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